About Us

Atigrado was founded in October 2018 by Korie Lovette; a 20 year veteran in the western apparel industry (including a career with Wrangler). Having studied Textile Marketing and possessing an innate passion for rodeos, fairs, concerts and all things western; Korie knew it was her destiny to start her own western wear brand.

Atigrado is a lifestyle brand that is rooted in the values of the people for whom it is designed. The colors of the west are merged with fabrications that fit the needs of everyday life. The collection is designed with passion for a purpose.

The name Atigrado stems from Cotton being the workhorse fibre of clothing and comfort and Rye, an essential element to a cowboy favorite - Whiskey!

 CAtigrado - rooted crops for a brand rooted in the western industry.

Av. Princesse Elisabeth 27, 1030 Schaerbeek Belgium ,(+32) 460224279


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